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Mascot Costumes Accessories

Range of mascot’s accessories: cooling mascot products, carry bag, vision solution….

Discover our range of mascot accessories

Mascotte carry bag

Mascot carrying bag; practical in use: waterproof and super resistant, this bag will allow you to transport and store your mascot in complete protection.

This bag is suitable for transporting mascots because of its appropriate size (large volume) and its reinforced closure. It will allow you to transport and store your mascot in an optimal way. The bag is equipped with shoulder straps.

Approximate size : 170cm length * 75 height * 70cm width, XXXXL Bag. Tested and approved!

Tip: for large mascots, it is advisable to divide your mascot into several bags to optimise storage/transport (e.g. one bag for the head and another for the body and other parts).

Mascot Costume Carry Bag

Price : 35.00€

Mascot Vision

Is your mascot’s vision limited? We may have the solution.

When making a mascot, there is always a balance to be found between respecting the design and the comfort of use, especially the vision.

Depending on the design of the mascot, the person’s view (from inside the mascot) may be reduced or even shifted.

We have created a unique system to develop the vision of the mascot.

Cooling system for mascot costumes

The heat that is created inside the mascot is a so-called “humid” heat, as the person’s perspiration mixes with the body heat released.
This heat is stifling because the air is not renewed (unlike inflatable mascots).

To date, there is no air-conditioning system for mascots and that’s a shame! But My Mascot has some solutions for this humid heat.

Refreshing Mascot Fan

This fan is very useful to remove moisture and circulate air inside the mascot: the use of nomad fans (our mascots are usually equipped with this system).
If you want to add one or more, you can buy the mascot fan by contacting us.

We have several models of fans that can be adapted to the configuration of the mascot (small or large model).

It is also possible to connect several fans to the same power source.

Cooling Mascot Fan ( mascot accessories).

Price : 19.00€

Cooling Mascot Cooling vest ( mascot accessories).

Price : 65.00€

Mascot Refreshing Jacket

Lowering the temperature of the mascot: use cooling items such as the cooling jacket or waistcoat. This is a vest with internal pockets for frozen gel packs. It allows the cold to be released for several hours.

This mascot cooling vest is very functional and really allows a gain of cold in the mascot.

We have two models of vests: one with ready-to-use gel packs (price: 65€ exc. VAT) and a second one with dehydrated gel packs in the form of granules (to be filled with water before putting in the freezer), the vest is lighter (price: 45€ exc. VAT)

Maintenance and Cleaning Mascot

Tips and products to take care to your mascot costume. Repair your mascot suit.

Cleaning and maintenance of the mascot


  • Hoover (preferably one that can suck up water).
  • Cold water spray (to rinse).
  • Hot water + detergent spray (for cleaning).
  • Water spray + alcohol (50/50) (for disinfecting).


  • Beware of any chemical cleaning products you might use; these can damage your mascot.
  • It is best to wash the parts of the mascot separately to avoid discolouration (colours may bleed).
  • NEVER dry the mascot parts in the tumble dryer.
  • Let your mascot air dry between uses.
  • Use the appropriate products for easy care (see below).
Maintenance and repair custom mascot costume (custom made services mascot).

Dry cleaning is not recommended as the chemicals used can damage the costume.

To facilitate the maintenance and cleaning of your mascot we recommend the use of a waterproofing, stain-proofing, water-repellent and breathable product (based on fluorinated resin) which you can find in any drugstore or online.

Here is a selection of brands of waterproofing, stain repellent and fireproofing products for your mascot:, 3M Scotchgard, Arcane Industrie sold on,,,,

Cleaning and maintenance instructions

Mascot: Suit, clothes, gloves.

Your mascot's overalls, gloves and clothing can be machine washed in cold water and dried naturally in free air. For washing: - Use a cold water cycle and a gentle rinse cycle. Cold water helps prevent fabrics from fading. - Use a mild detergent and fabric softener. It is best to wash the parts separately to avoid fading (colours bleed). NEVER put parts of the mascot containing foam parts in a dryer (risk of the foam melting).

Mascot: Head and Shoes

Hard parts of the mascot: Use disinfectant or alcohol to clean (test first). Plastic parts: Clean with a mixture of water and alcohol to remove marks and traces (test one part first). Hygiene of the inside of the mascot head: You can use a mixture of alcohol and water (50/50) to disinfect and remove bad smells.

Mascot: Other Parties

Hard parts of the mascot: Use disinfectant or alcohol to clean (test beforehand). Plastic parts : Clean with a water + alcohol mixture to remove marks and traces (test beforehand on one part). Hygiene of the inside of the mascot head: You can use an alcohol + water mixture (50/50) to disinfect and remove bad smells.

Inflatable Mascots

Inflatable mascots do not require any special maintenance. If the mascot is dirty, simply wash the surface with soapy water and leave to dry thoroughly. Any holes can be repaired by sewing or gluing a piece of material.

Mascot repair

The steps

  1. Send us photos of your mascot to be repaired. We will analyse your request and confirm that we can handle it.

  2. Inspection of your mascot. When your mascot arrives, we will inform you of the repairs that need to be done to give it a new lease of life.
    We will not carry out the repairs without first informing you of the estimated cost and the elements that will be replaced and/or repaired.

  3. Your mascot will be delivered by carrier directly to your address.

entretien et réparation mascotte

The repair kit

In addition, we advise you to make a repair kit which will be useful if you need to repair your mascot quickly.


  • Curved needle (easier to repair hard to reach places).
  • Fabrics and materials of identical colours.
  • Safety pins (ideal for temporary fixings and accidents).
  • Cement contact adhesives (neoprene-based) (for gluing shoes and other parts).
  • Hot glue gun (for temporary fixings).
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