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Custom USB PVC 3D key manufacturing

PVC 3D USB Key custom-made creation and manufacturing.

Offer your employees and partners a branded object that makes a difference!

Custom USB Flash Drive manufacturing gives you the power to create two custom products: a custom made USB Flash Drive or a custom made 3D USB key ring.

A custom made adverstising USB Flash Drive is a USB Flash Drive with a customized design according to the shape and colours chosen. Transform your brand image into a useful storage tool for everyone (professionals, students, associations…).

The 3D USB flash drive is infinitely adaptable to your desires: character, animal, object, mascot…
It is an interesting promotional gift in that it is both a custom-made figurine and a practical and indispensable work tool.

Our USB sticks are made of injection moulded PVC for better quality and durability.

frog animal custom keychain

3D PVC USB Flash Drive Features

  • Soft injected PVC.
  • Technology: 2.0 (3.0 optional)
  • Storage capacity: 2GB, 4GB, 6GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB.
  • Customisation: colours and design.
  • Average size from 40mm to 60mm.
  • Individual packaging included.
  • Chain / clasp included.
  • Delivery time: about 3 to 4 weeks.

Prices for custom made PVC USB sticks

The price of customised USB flash drives depends on the size of the design and the capacity of the flash drive. You will find below an estimated price list (to be validated with your project).

No technical or tooling costs. Discount of 30€ when restocking > 500 pcs. Prototype and design moulds: 200€ excl. VAT.

500 pieces 1000 pieces 2000 pieces 3000 pieces
4 Gb
5.50€ HT**
5.00€ HT
4.50€ HT
4.00€ HT
8 Gb
6.50€ HT
6.00€ HT
5.50€ HT
5.00€ HT
16 Gb
7.50€ HT
7.00€ HT
6.50€ HT
6.00€ HT
32 Gb
8.50€ HT
8.00€ HT
7.50€ HT
7.00€ HT

*For larger quantities, other sizes or options, please contact us. For more options, please contact us. **Estimated price before VAT tax needs to be confirmed with the project.

Example of 3D PVC USB keys

custom usb stick manufacturing

We also make your custom made batteries / power bank

We design and manufacture your extra batteries or power bank according to your needs (design, shape, compatibility and type of connection, capacity in MaH).

When your mobile phone, tablet or camera is empty, connect it to your backup battery using the USB cable.

This is an external USB backup battery that can be recharged from the mains. The power bank or custom-made extra batteries are lithium powered.

custom power bank manfuacturing flash drive
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