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Custom Made FULL 3D PVC Figurine Manufacturing

PVC FULL 3D figurine custom-made creation.

Features of PVC FULL 3D miniature

  • Soft injected PVC.
  • Customization: colors and design.
  • Size from 40mm to 80mm.
  • Individual packaging included.
  • Chain / bail included.
  • Minimum order: 500 pieces.
  • Deadlines: about 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Prototype: 200 € HT (deductible from the order).

Custom PVC FULL 3D Figurines Prices
2.90€ to 3.30€ excl.

The price of FULL 3D Custom PVC Figurines depends in particular on the size of the design and the capacity of the USB key. Below you will find an estimated price list (to validate with your project).

No technical costs – No tooling costs
Participation fee of mold <300 pcs – 15 € ht
Discount of 30 € for a restocking> 500 pcs

300 pieces500 pieces1000 pieces2000 pieces3000 pieces
40 mm
2.90€ ht2.60€ ht2.50€ ht2.40€ ht
50 mm
3.00€ ht2.70€ ht2.60€ ht2.50€ ht
60 mm
3.10€ ht2.80€ ht2.70€ ht2.60€ ht
70 mm
3.20€ ht2.90€ ht2.80€ ht2.70€ ht
80 mm
3.30€ ht3.00€ ht2.90€ ht2.80€ ht

* For larger quantities, other sizes or options, contact us. For more options, contact us. ** Estimated HT price to be confirmed with the project.

Some examples of custom PVC figurines:

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