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Custom Made Advertising Plush Toys Manufacturing

Custom made plush toys creation and manufacturing. CE et EN standards. Min 500pcs.

Custom plush manufacturer, we create and manufacture your custom stuffed plush toys according to your needs. Advertising plush are unique creations and therefore unlimited customizable.

We create and realize all your customized stuffed  plush toys according to your specifications (design, colors, logos, etc.).

Lint can be declined in all sizes from 10cm (size keychain) to giant plush with real  sizes (200cm or 300cm plush toy). More often we realize plush toys from 10cm to 30cm.

The minimum order for custom-plush is 500 pieces.

Custom plush toys are made from different types of fabrics and upholstery (polyester cotton). The details and logos of toys are made by embroidery or screen printing. Plastic parts can be used for the eyes, nose or other items.

The various components of the toy are sewn. The labels of plush are also customizable with text and logos. All plush toys are respect CE standards and comply with current legislation.

Custom Made Plush Toy racoon CHUMHUM (custom made animal plush toy).
Custom Made Plush Toy yeti YOONI (custom made animal plush toy).

Custom made plush toys characteristics:

  • Custom creation: design, colors and materials.
  • custom plush size from 10 cm.
  • CE, EN 71-1, 2,3.
  • Logos in embroidery or screen printing.
  • Colorful label customizable.
  • Production time: from 4 to 8 weeks.
  • Minimum order 500 pieces.

Plush toy, personalized plush toy, giant plush toy …

Custom Made Plush Prices

2.60€ to 6.25€ ht

The prices below are indicative prices, these may vary according to the complexity of the plush to achieve. The final price is known after completion of the prototype. (Prices for all types of cuddly toys:  animal plush toy, objet plush toy, marketing plush toy, personalized plush toy …)

500 pieces 1000 pieces 3000 pieces
10 cm 3.00€ ht 2.60€ ht 2.35 €ht
15 cm 4.00€ ht 3.60 €ht 3.35€ ht
20 cm 5.00€ ht 4.60€ ht  4.35€ ht
25 cm  5.75€ ht  5.35€ ht  5.10€ ht
30 cm  6.50€ ht 6.10€ht 5.85€ ht
35 cm 7.00€ ht 6.60€ ht 6.35€ ht
40 cm 7.50€ ht 7.10€ ht 6.85€ ht
Beyond 40cm, contact us. Giant plush toy 200cm.

* For larger quantities or other sizes, contact us.


  1. Depending on the details and complexity of custom plush to realize, plush of sizes too small may not be achievable.
  2. Manufactured plushs meets CE and EN71 standards and requirement. Test report and certificate of conformity with the CE standards: cost to be expected for any serial order.
  3. For large orders (over 3000 pieces), a maritime import (by boat) is possible in order to lower the unit price of the plush. The import / delivery time is then 1-2 months.

Discover several custom-made stuffed plush toys realization in pictures:

Ma Mascotte plush manufacturer offers its services creative plush, personalized soft toys. Manufacture Plush CE. Custom giant toy. Custom made toy. Reproduction plush.

FREE Graphic Design

The design for your custom-made plush toy (back, front and profile) is free for all prototype order.  For more information see here: plush graphic design.

Process and creation steps for custom plush:

Upon receipt of your request, we will prepare a quotation for the manufacture of the prototype (price: 200 € ht).

This price includes the graphic creation, prototyping and delivery of it at home. The price of the prototype is deducted from the final invoice for any minimum 500 pieces order (except for 10cm plushtoys).

  • Step 1: Plush Request.

Send us your graphics (drawing, photos, sketches, models) of the plush toys to manufacture. For more accurate response (time, quantity, characteristics, …. Logos) thank you to provide maximum detail and information. Ma Mascotte answered within 48 hours for your quotation request. If you are not sure of the plush you want to achieve or you have no idea; we offer a full service of plush creation; see here: graphic design.


  • Step 2: Custom plush toy quotation.

If necessary, we will ask you more about your project in order to establish a detailed quotation for making your custom plush.

To begin your project, we will ask you to return the signed and accepeted quotation and with a deposit of 30%.


  • Step 3 : Plush toy graphic design creation.

After acceptance of the quotation, we will realize the graphic design of your custom made plush toy. This is a color graphic simulation from face, back and profile stating your needs and constraints. (Time: 7 days).

Plush will be made according to the graphic design; it is important to check the consistency of your design. Any subsequent changes to the validation will not be taken into account.


  • Step 4 : Prototype realization.

Prototyping of your custom plush and validation of the making steps by pictures. (Time: 15-20 days).


  •  Step 5: Final validation and delivery of your plush prototype.

Reception of the prototype for final validation and approval. (Time: 7 days).


  • Step 6: Mass production of your plush toy. 

Start of mass production of stuffed plush toys (time depending on the quantity about 30 -45 days) and final delivery to you or your customer. The cost of the prototype is deducted from the final bill.

Study and discussion of your custom made plush toy project. Definition of requirements and constraints.
Quotation and acceptance of it to start the design process of the prototype custom plush toy.
Design creation of your custom-made plush: back, front and profile. Adjustments if necessary and validation of the graphic drawing.
Creation and manufacturing of the plush prototype according to the graphic simulation.
Prototype validation and receipt of your plush prototype for final validation.
Custom plush toys mass production realized from the prototype. Delivery directly to you or your customer.

NOTE : Changes once the manufacturing process initiated will not be achievable. It is therefore important to pay attention to detail during the design stage.

These delays vary depending on the quantity ordered and our current production schedule. (Deadlines expressed in working days).