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Cooling Products Mascot

Range of cooling products for mascot costumes: mascot fan, cold vest, ...

Range of refreshing accessories to increase your comfort inside the mascot costume and stay longer inside.

The heat that is created inside the mascot is a heat-called “wet” insofar sweat of the person mingles with the clear body heat. This heat is stifling because the air is not renewed (unlike inflatable mascots see here: inflatable mascot costume)

To remedy this damp heat; Ma Mascotte offers solutions:

  1. Remove moisture and allow air to circulate in the interior of the mascot:  use mascot fans (our mascots are usually equipped with this system); if you want to add one or more mascot fans, you can buy them by contacting us.

We have several fan models that can adapt to the configuration of your mascot (small or large model for example). It is also possible to connect several fans to the same power source.

  1. Lower the temperature of the mascot: using cooling or refreshing products: the cold jacket or  refreshing vest. This jacket has internal pockets to slip frozen gel packs. This jacket produce  cold during several hours.

You can find these products here below. All products offered meet CE standards.

The refreshing collar for mascot is a good way to lower body temperature and cheaply.

To date, there is no air conditioning  for mascot costumes and that’s a shame!

Custom Made penguin fan Mascot Costume (custom made animal mascot).

Mascot Fan Cooling


Refreshing Mascot Jacket


Cooling Neck Band