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Custom Made Mascot Services – Ma Mascotte

Discover the services offered by Ma Mascotte.

Find in the categories below the different services we offer for custom made mascot costumes and for custom made plush toys: Design and Graphic Design, Maintenance and Repair Mascot Costume, Mascot Cooling Systems. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Graphic design mascot and plush toys (custom made services mascot).

Design and Graphic Design

We realize your graphic simulation for making your custom made mascot costume or your customized plush toy. The graphic simulation is a design for your project in color and in 3 poses: back, front and profile.

This graphic simulation allows you to validate the overall design and volume of your mascot costume or plush toy creation’s project.

We can also decline this graphic creation to your communication media supports.

Maintenance and Repair Mascot Costume

We provide you care instructions of your mascots costumes based on the materials used in order to keep them for several years. Find the technic, tips and cleaning products in the dedicated page.

Your mascot is damaged? Torned? Or just need a facelift? We can take care  and repair it to give it a new life.

Maintenance and repair mascot costume (custom made services mascot).
cooling accessories mascot costume (custom made services mascot).

Mascot Cooling Systems

You feel too hot in your mascot, right? No problem, we have the solutions cool off !! Discover our solutions and cooling accessories and systems for mascot costumes: mascot fan, cold vest mascot, etc.