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‘Classic’ Custom Made Mascot Costume Manufacture

Foam custom made mascot costume manufacture.

Mascot costumes are marketing and communication effective tool (advertising mascot, marketing mascot). It helps to develop your identity and awareness through branding. Whatever your communication strategy, your mascot will be a sustainable tool to reach a wide public.

“Mascot Costumes create memories, Ma Mascotte is here to help you develop them!”

At Ma Mascotte, we create all kinds of mascots. Discover our different customized types of realization : custom animal mascots, custom character mascots, custom objects mascots or custom packaging mascots.

We can create and design all kinds of mascot costumes depending on your needs and ideas. All mascots are customizable; whatever your design, we will transform it into a mascot.

Custom Made baseball Mascot Costume (custom made character mascot).
Custom Made blue dolphin Mascot Costume (custom made animal mascot).

Custom made mascot characteristics:

Customizable elements :

  • Fabrics: color, material (lycra, plush, fleece, fur, plastic, faux leather …).
  • Clothes and accessories.
  • Size (standard: 165 to 180cm).
  • Logos in embroidery or screen printing.

General :

  • Minimum order 1 piece.
  • Interior Materials: foam, frame.
  • Weight: 4-8kg.
  • Standard package dimensions: 80cm x 50cm x 50cm.

We can create different expressions on the mascot to make it aggressive, smiling, joyful, or other expressions.

FREE Graphic Design Simulation

The design of your mascot (back, front and profile) is free for any mascot order. More information see: mascot-design.

Custom Mascot Price

600€ to 800€ ht

Design choices, colors, materials.

Free graphic design

Logos in embroidery or screen printing

bulk rate reductions

Time: 4-8 weeks

Discover more custom-made mascots realizations in images :

Process and creation steps:

We have a mascot manufacturing step procedure that allows you to validate all the characteristics of a graphic design to manufacturing.

  • Step 1: Mascot Request.

Send us your graphics (drawing, photos, sketches, models) of the mascot to manufacture. For more accurate response (time, quantity, characteristics, logos…) thank you for providing maximum detail and information. Ma Mascotte answered within 48 hours for your quotation request. If you are not sure of the mascot you want to achieve or you have no idea; we offer a full service of mascot creation; see here: mascot-creation.


  • Step 2: Custom mascot costume quotation.

If necessary, we will ask you more about your project in order to establish a detailed quotation for making your custom mascot.

To begin your project, we will ask you to return the signed and accepted quotation and with a deposit of 30%.


  • Step 3 : Mascot graphic design creation.

After acceptance of the quotation, we will realize the graphic design of your custom made mascot costume. This is a color graphic simulation from face, back and profile stating your needs and constraints.

Mascot suit will be made according to the graphic design; it is important to check the consistency of your design. Any subsequent changes to the validation will not be taken into account.


  • Step 4 : Custom mascot manufacturing.

We produce your custom mascot according to  the validated simulation. So just wait until the gestation and the birth of your mascot.


  •  Step 5: Final validation and delivery.

Once the mascot complete, we send you  pictures for validation.
We finish the assembly phase of your mascot before delivery to you or your client.

Study and discussion of your custom made plush toy project. Definition of requirements and constraints.
Quotation and acceptance of it to start the design process of the prototype custom mascot.
Design of your custom mascot costume: back, front and profile. Adjustments if necessary and design validation.
Making your custom mascot from different types of foam, fabric and other materials.
Final validation, finishing and assembly phase. Delivery of your mascot costume by carrier.

TIME  Depending on production schedules and complexity of your mascot, the average time of manufacture and delivery of a custom-made mascot are 4 to 8 weeks.

NOTE : Changes once the manufacturing process initiated will not be achievable. It is therefore important to pay attention to detail during the design stage.

FAQ Custom Mascot

How does the person seen inside the mascot?

The vision of the person inside the mascot is usually done through a net or mesh-like tissue similar to a fence. The vision is placed in the mouth, eyes or other locations as the design of the mascot.

What to do to deal with heat problems in the mascot?

Each mascot has a battery fan for maximum comfort.

Not to suffer from the heat, you can also add refreshing accessories for mascots. See here: cooling-products-mascot.

Is it possible to create only the head of the mascot?

Yes, it is quite possible to create only the head of your custom mascot; the process remains unchanged.

What is the lifetime of a mascot?

The lifetime depends on the frequency of use. Our mascots are designed to last for several years. You will find our maintenance tips here: maintenance-mascot.

How to maintain a mascot?

To preserve its mascot longer it is advisable to maintain it regularly and to use adapted products; you will find our advice and products on our dedicated page: tips-maintenance-mascot.

Are the mascots guaranteed?

The mascots are not and cannot be guaranteed as wear depends on the use thereof. Just as a sweater or shirt, a mascot cannot be guaranteed.

Custom Made bin Mascot Costume (custom made object mascot).