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Custom Made Foam KeyChain Manufacture

Custom made soft foam EVA key chain.

Custom Made EVA Foam Keychain Manufacturing

Key rings are made of soft foam with a standard thickness of 9 mm and are composed of three layers of different colors (9 colors available). They are marked by screen printing one or more colors on the front and back. This key chain floats on water.

Custom Made foam Keychains (custom made keychain).

Custom made EVA foam keychain characteristics:

  • Flexible custom keychain.
  • 3 layers, 9 colors.
  • Thickness: 9mm.
  • Individual packaging.
  • CE Standards.
  • Minimum order: 500 pieces.
  • Manufacturing time: 5 weeks.

Custom made EVA foam keychain price
0.70€ to 1.20€

500 pieces1000 pieces3000 pieces
Until 40mm 0.95€ ht0.85€ ht0.70€ ht
Until 50mm 1.00€ ht0.90€ ht0.75€ ht
Until 60mm 1.10€ ht1.00€ ht0.80€ ht
Until 70mm 1.20€ ht1.10€ ht0.85€ ht
Until 80mm 1.30€ ht1.20€ ht0.90€ ht

PROTOTYPE: 200 € ht NO TECHNICAL EXPENSES – NO TOOL FEES – 30 € DISCOUNT for restocking> 500 pcs

* For larger quantities or other sizes, contact us.