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Custom Made Advertising Goodies

Creation of unique and original goodies and custom advertising items.

Custom Made Advertising  and Promotional Goodies

Ma-mascotte offers the possibility to manufacture all advertising and promotional items. Our direct relationship with the factories allow us to create your custom promotional products from A to Z existing or not.

We handle your custom-made goodies project creation in its entirety:

  • Analysis and project budgeting;
  • Realization of one or more prototypes;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Import of advertising items.

Any request of custom item creation is possible. We study any request and serious projects. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

The minimum order depends on the product.

You will find below a keywords cloud of advertising objects. This is a partial list of customizable promotional or marketing  items:

manufacturing of custom advertising items (custom made advertising goodies).
cloud of keywords (custom made advertising goodies).
Creation and production of unique advertising objects (custom made advertising goodies).

Here is a list of examples of requests that we handle:

  • custom made leather keychain manufacturing;
  • custom made Napoleon style hat manufacturing;
  • custom made costumes and disguises for parties;
  • custom made creation of wig “peak supporters” style;
  • custom made shells phone manufacturing;
  • And many others….

Example of goodies of custom advertising goodies: 

Custom Made Custom Adveritinsg Goodies WATERLOO hat (custom made goodies).

Our other custom advertising items (custom goodies): Custom Made Plush Toys, Custom Made Keychains, Custom Made Figurines.